All American Moments In MMA

“The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.” — Thucydides

In the 233 years that have come and gone since its birth, America has served as a beacon for ingenuity, hope, courage, democracy and blue-collar toughness. The men and women who represent the nation in the sport of mixed martial arts embody those traits as well as anyone. To that end, compiled a list of the most memorable All-American moments in MMA.

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Paulson on Lesnar

Erik Paulson has been around mixed martial arts longer than most. The former Shooto champion has worked with many top fighters at his Southern California training center. Combat Shoot Wrestling has hosted the likes of Quinton Jackson and Josh Barnett over the past few years, but he got his highest profile pupil because of his Minnesota roots.

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Brock Solid – Lesnar TKOs Mir in Two in UFC 100 Main Event

By Thomas Gerbasi

LAS VEGAS, July 11 – Brock Lesnar may not have made many fans in the Mandalay Bay Events Center Saturday night by stopping local hero Frank Mir in the second round of their long awaited UFC 100 rematch, but if there’s one thing clear, it’s that beating the UFC heavyweight champion is going to be a tall order for anyone in the division. (read the full story on

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Introduction – Jab Drills – Jab Catch Jab Shoot Double – Jab Catch Jab Shoot Single – Side Running Double From The Jab – Side Running Double From The Cross – Single Leg Turn From The Cross – Single Pull To Double – Jab Cross Hook High Crotch – Butt Bounce – Takedown Review – Tar Tactics – Egoless – Running & Warm Ups – Hop Drill – Circle Footwork – Knee Bounces – Mirror Drills – 3 Inside Kicks & Move – 2 Inside, 1 Outside & Move – 3 Kicks Evade Return – Jab Catch Jab Move – Jab Catch Jab Circle – Jab Catch Jab Cross Circle – Jab Catch Jab Hook – Jab Catch Jab Hook Cross – Jab Jab Cross – Jab Jab Cross Evade – Windmill Drill


Back & Forth Kicking – Punch Punch Kick – Punch Punch Kick Return – Straight Leg Thai Kick – Jab Straight Round Kick Cross – Pivot – Teep – Scoop To Low Kick – Heart & Passion – Pat Overhook Scoop – Pat Underhook Scoop – Side To Side Shuck – Inside Achilles Lock Step Over – Inside Achilles Lock Shin In – Achilles Counter With Heel Hook – Opposite Switch Achilles Lock – Leg Figure 4 Achilles Lock – Reverse Figure 4 Achilles Lock – Reverse Figure 4 Achilles Lock – Volkmann – Leg Lock Review – Boxing Intro – True Boxing Stance – Jab – Running & Moving – Jab Cross – The Broomstick – Hitting While Moving


Walking – Force The Front Foot – Reach Advantage – Uppercuts & Hooks – Head Movement Drill – Shadow Boxing – Boxing Conclusion – Light Pummeling – Underhook Kills – Limp Arm UH Kill – Inside Position – Underhook Reversal – Underhook Re-Pummel To Striking – Pummel Sparring – Power Switch – Q&A


Adjustments – Catch Jab Right Kick – Catch Jab Hook Right Kick – Catch Jab Hook Cross Left Kick – High Cover After The Combo – Combo Shoot High Double – Shoot Re-Shoot – Stop Shoot – Lat Whip – Hand Stop Punch Knee – Forearm Stop Knee – Double Forearm Stop Knee Snap Down – Stiff Arm Kick – Review – Punch Kick Shoot Punch – Dirty Boxing – Side Body Tackle – Stuff Double Leg – Anaconda – Chest Squeeze Knee Tap Anaconda – Chest Squeeze Re-Counters – Wake Up – The Babalu – Arm Drag Chokes – Anaconda & Lasso – Single Hook Choke – Single Hook Razor Lock – Butterfly Anaconda – Chicken Wing D’arce – Chokes From Half Guard – North South Chokes – Your Signature Move – Contested Chokes

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