Behind The Scenes at WCC1 – 1995 With Erik Paulson

Erik Paulson, Chad Stahelski, and Bruce Wilkerson behind the scenes at WCC in 1995. Erik had his hair pulled repeatedly in both fights and it ultimately cost him the second fight against James Warring. This is a nice glimpse of the early days of MMA, behind the scenes.

3 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes at WCC1 – 1995 With Erik Paulson”

  1. I remember watching that event when it happened. Good event stupid categories. Strides could have no submissions on the ground and I believe the time was limited to 1 minute on the ground or something. Then on the “Grapplers” side of the bracket it was normal vale tudo rules. I always wondered why they didn’t take strikes away from the grapplers since the took submissions away from the strikers. I believe that was the first time I had seen Erik fight. I believe he was an alternate and we could all tell that the no submission rule was really frustrating for him. But you have to take your chances where you can get them.

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