Alexander Bay

Core 3 Affiliate: Irvine, CA
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I’m a senior instructor under Ajahn Chai; I maintain an affiliate instructor membership with the WTBA and regularly attend the West Coast Instructor Development Camps held at Boxing Works. That said, I don’t have my own school and I don’t teach regularly at another instructor’s academy. Would I be seeking individual affiliate status, or do I need a school to be an affiliate at?

Short bio: Born in 1970, I began martial arts in karate at age 10. In the summer of 1990, I met Sifu Chris Clarke in Portland and began training in the Inosanto Academy curriculum of Kali/JKD/Thaiboxing/Silat. After living in Japan for several years and training at the now-closed Yamaki Gym, I had one professional kickboxing fight (6/2/1996) in Tokyo. In the Fall of 1996, I moved back to Oregon for an MA program at the University of Oregon and trained with Ajahn Mike Walrath, long-time Ajahn Chai student and the founder of the Oregon Camp, for three years. I took my apprentice Thai test in 1998. After moving to the Bay Area in 1999 for a PhD program, I attended Thaicamp semi-regularly and trained with Jongsanan at Fairtext occasionally. From 2006, I moved to Orange County and began teaching Japanese history at Chapman University. Here, I trained several years at OC Muay Thai with David Jansson and then at OC Kickboxing until it closed before the pandemic. Since then, I’ve been a member of Khun Kru Dennis Hall’s NME Martial Arts academy.

My motivation for STX training is to continue to learn new material and interact with world-class instructors at the CSW camps.